Visit now Tubagua, your DIY store in Ibiza
Tubagua is much more than a hardware store in Ibiza. You will find all the
gardening tools to set up your garden, or those you will need to
or those you will need to
get rid of the weeds in your garden without resorting to herbicide or other toxic products.

What do I need to kill unwanted weeds?

For effectively eliminate weeds, the first thing to do the first thing to do is to acquire the right tools.

A specific kit of utensils for easy and safe removal of weeds.

This is the basic weeding tool kit, which you can find in thethat you can find in Tubagua, your hardware store in Ibiza of confidence:

Other practical tools to eliminate weeds in a natural way are: the scythe, the pot weeder, the scraper, the hook, the weeding fork, the root cutter, the joint scraper or the garden shears.

Choosing the right tools the right tools to remove weeds from the garden will depend on the type of plants we have, their size and location. If you do not know which tool to use for each case, ask our professional team. Come to Tubagua, we work to advise you in the best possible way, do you come to see us?

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