Integral service in your kitchen or home project

We offer a specialized and integral service in your kitchen or home project. Our specialized professionals will take care of the management of your project from start to finish: from the design of the kitchen or home project, to the construction work, technical management, recycling of materials, etc.

Our entire team will be at your service so that the kitchen or home project installed is the same as the one you imagined.


Much more than a kitchen space

Visit the kitchen and home furniture showroom. You will be able to touch, combine and decide between the huge variety of materials, brands and pieces physically. Discover an innovative and unique space where you can decide on the materials and finishes for your kitchen or home project and set it up without complications.

Some reasons to choose us

Discover our Kitchenware and Kitchen Accessories Section

Renew your
kitchen equipment in Tubagua

If you are looking to renew your kitchenware, discover in our Easy Catering section. The best brands and the most varied models of tableware, cutlery, frying pans, paella pans, casseroles, etc.