Safety utensils for handyman at home

We know that making home renovations is, for many of you, who come to our hardware store in Ibiza hardware store in Ibiza a rewarding task. But, in order for it to be so, we must minimize the risks we run by taking on DIY, plumbing, electrical, etc. tasks. And to do so, it is […]

How to keep warm without breaking the bank: practical tips

With winter approaching, it is crucial to keep our homes warm and cozy. However, the electricity bill can be a scare if we do not properly manage the air conditioning and insulation of our homes. To make sure you don’t get cold and avoid surprises on your bill, here are some practical tips to optimize […]

Distinguish the different types of drill bits and find out when to use them

As many of you know, in Tubagua we have a wide range of products for wide catalog of products and materials for do-it-yourself, hardware and construction, which can be which can be conveniently purchased at our facilities in Ibiza. However, sometimes it is just as important to so important to have stock and at Tubagua […]

New wood edging service in Tubagua

The vocation of Tubagua in Ibiza is to offer to all our clients an integral service. For this reason, in addition to our DIY, hardware, home, appliances and interior design service (kitchens, closets, dressing rooms, etc.), we add a wood cutting and edging service aimed at companies, carpentry professionals and individuals. Cutting and edging of […]