Tubagua PRO your partner in professional excellence in Ibiza

Do you know our Tubagua Pro service? If you are a professional, you should do it

We want to be part of the success of your professional activity. We want to help you provide the quality service to which your personal brand is associated.

That is why we have launched
Tubagua PRO: an answer tailored to your needs.

Tubagua PRO is a
service of materials for construction and renovation projects in Ibiza.
designed for professionals. In fact, our team will be able to supply you with all your DIY, plumbing, hardware, etc. needs. Materials, products and tools, including safety items.

Advantages of Tubagua PRO for SMEs and freelancers

Our service Tubagua PRO service offers seven major advantages for SMEs in the renovation, construction or rehabilitation sector, as well as self-employed people:

  1. Exclusive discounts for members of our service.
  2. Possibility to place orders by phone, email or WhatsApp.
  3. Priority delivery of both materials and tools.
  4. Immediate transport service to the construction site.
  5. Commercial advice when placing your orders.
  6. Permanent stock in materials and solutions for construction or renovation of the main brands in the sector.
  7. Easy payment, no queues, no waiting.

Registering as a professional is very simple, just fill out the online form
online form
that appears on the web.

In addition, you will have access to the services and articles of our special sections dedicated to professional kitchenware, design of kitchen spaces, sale of household appliances and manufacture of customized dressers, cabinets or room dividers. And all this in the same location, for your maximum convenience.

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