Custom-made closets with Uecko in Ibiza

To have custom-made closets in the house can change our lives. Fortunately, in Ibiza you can enjoy a totally personalized service.

A team of experts in the design and manufacture of closets that, together with Tubagua and thanks to Uecko
makes any closet a totally unique and a totally unique and exclusive solution.

Custom-made cabinets: advantages for a lifetime

The optimal use of interior space in a house comes from the hand of customization. This is the only formula for making the most of every square meter. And to adapt it to particular needs and requirements.

Custom cabinets maximize maximize the use of the available area, even in hard-to-reach corners or spaces that would otherwise be underutilized. Thus, they are eminently functional.

But not only because of the versatility they offer in the search for specific solutions, but also because of their adaptability.

With 100% customization 100% customization, thanks to Uecko’s service, you can you can adapt all the decisive decisive factors in your made-to-measure closet:

All this allows us to obtain a closet that fits perfectly to our lifestyle and that, in addition, is able to grow with us in functionality and versatility, to meet present needs, but also future ones. In short, closets that grow with us and new expectations.

Increased storage capacity

Custom cabinets can take advantage of every inch of available space. This provides them with a greater storage capacity compared to other types of prefabricated or standardized cabinets.

In apartments or small dwellings, this requirement becomes indispensable. Because, in addition, thanks to the customized closets you can include any accessory you want: from a mirror to drawers or module compartments with very specific measurements.

If we add to this the quality and durability of our materials and and durability offered by our trusted materials and manufacturers, you will be increasing the life of your cabinet, as well as its long-term performance. long-term performance..

Now that you know that a tailor-made solution is the best for your home, at
Tubagua Ibiza we can configure a tailor-made home with custom designed furniture.
. Call us, we will behappy to assist you!

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