Visit Hostelería Fácil, the best place to occupy your business.
Do you have a hotel business in Ibiza? Do you own a bar or a hotel? Are you in charge of tuning a villa? So, there’s no need to remind you that the high point of the year is approaching. The big season begins and you need to get your business ready.

In Tubagua we have everything you need without leaving the island.

And we are not only referring to plumbing, DIY or gardening material and tools, elements that you may need to set up your facilities; but of everything you need to give the best service to your guests. everything you need to give the best service to your guests.

  1. All types of professional kitchenware and accessories. In other words, everything you need in your kitchen, at the bar or in the dining room. Even on your terrace! Indispensable elements for your professional team to do the best job (cookware, utensils for food preparation ….) and those that will increase the user experience of the clientele (tableware, table lighting systems, accessories for serving wine …).
  2. Working with the best brands. Hostelería Fácil in Ibiza offers products from leading brands such as Viejo Valle, Bonna, PuraSangre, Libbey, Lacor, Araven, Lava, Comas, Arcos, and more. The best place to supply small and large businesses, providing advice and competitive prices to equip gastronomic spaces.
  3. Large and small household appliances. Don’t let your dishwasher’s clogging up slow down a great day’s work in high season. Preserve the quality of your service with Tubagua. You can come to our facilities, choose the desired model and take it with you. You don’t have time or can’t leave your premises? Call us, we can help you.

As you can see, in Tubagua we offer a comprehensive service to anyone in the world of professional hospitality . And all without leaving Ibiza.

Tell us what you need, what atmosphere you want to achieve or what area you need to transform to gain in functionality, flexibility or attractiveness. You only have to tell us your objectives, we will do the rest. Contact our team now or come and see us, we are waiting for you from Monday to Friday from 08:15 to 20:15!

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